Jason Knott


Fanatic about design and appropriate technology, Mr. Knott brings the right solutions to even the most complex challenges.  Skilled in metal work, mortise and tenon joinery, the ancient art of scything, aircrete, polished concrete, CIPs, and custom milling. Jason brings an imaginative flair to shaping your dreams. 

J/K Builders: We love what we do, providing high quality imaginative work.




We do not mark up materials and sundries. Most builders mark up between 18% and 40%, motivating them to use ever higher priced products, often of inferior quality.  J/K Builders strives to integrate the highest quality and most unique products whether handcrafted, reclaimed or new. We negotiate with our suppliers to reduce costs.

Relationship Building 

Building is stressful, it is an experience and a great adventure.  J/K Builders is on your side. Our innovative business model creates cooperation between builder and client. We pay a living wage, we are stewards of our environment.

Building process

Relationships are important to Jason in his personal and professional life. He is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure you feel comfortable during the course of your project.  You will love the process as much as your finished product.  

Jason prides himself on taking care of his crew on and off the job by providing a positive job site, employing people at a living wage and maintaining open lines of communication with clients. 

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